February 5, 2016

Second Year Electives

Second Year Electives

EMED 116

SUNY KCHCTitle: Introduction to Emergency Medicine Phlebotomy
Course Director: Mark Silverberg, MD
Only at KCH site
Max of 20 students
Course is through academic year August -June
Offered Weekdays/Weekends
Open to all MS1 and MS2 students.
Contact Person: Mark Silverberg: 718-245-4790

Course Description:
This course is designed to introduce basic phlebotomy skills to preclinical students. They will attend an introductory session with an instructional lecture, video, and OSHA safety training.

After the introduction session, the student will have the opportunity to observe venipunctures and intravenous access in the clinical area (The Emergency Department of Kings County Hospital Center). They will have to demonstrate competency by performing 1-2 venipunctures and IV’s (intravenous accesses) on patients in front of a clinical instructor (resident or attending). After demonstrating competency, they will have to complete 5 shifts (4 hours each) in the clinical area. The shifts can be any time which is chosen by the student. The students have until the end of the academic year to complete requirements.

At the start of the each shift, students will sign-on, obtain a clipboard from the course coordinator and head to the clinical area. During these shifts, health care providers will identify patients that need venipuncture for blood tests and/or IV’s by writing the patients name, location in the Emergency Department and type of phlebotomy service needed on the procedure log provided on the clipbaord. The students are expected to attempt venipuncture and IV on these patients in a timely fashion. At the end of their shift, the student should return the clipboard and procedure log to the course coordinator.

For successful completion of this course, the student must work 5 “4 hour” shifts and hand in the procedure log for each of the shifts to the coordinator.

  Phlebotomy Training

During the Spring semester, 2nd year medical students are assigned an afternoon session to learn the skills involved in blood drawing. Students first practice on models; after they are comfortable, they then draw a blood specimen from a classmate. At the end of the afternoon session, students have learned the elements of universal precautions, they know the specifics of how to protect themselves while performing phlebotomy and they have learned the skills for performing blood specimen collection safely and effectively. The instructors include physicians from the KCHC Emergency Medicine Department and members of the UHB phlebotomy team.
Registration Information: Mark Silverberg, MD
Telephone Contact: 718-245-4790
Fax: 718-245-4799
Email Address: msilverberg2@nyc.rr.com