First Year Elective: EMED N115:
Introduction to Emergency Medicine

This course is available to First and Second Year students.SUNY KCHCwiener

Course Director: Sage Wiener, M.D.
Computer Code: 90007
Course Location: Kings County, UHB
Registration Information: Sage Wiener, M.D
Telephone Contact: 718 245-4790
Fax: 718 245-4799
Email Address:
Course Timing
Month Offered: Feb, Sep
Duration: 6 weeks
Hours per week: 7
Weekdays: Weekly 5-6pm lecture, Weekly 6-10pm clinical site
No. of Students: Max 50
Visiting Students Accepted: No

Prerequisites: Successful completion of first half of the 1st year of Medical School
Procedure for Evaluation Of Students: Participation and Observation


Course Description
This course is designed to introduce pre-clinical students to the Emergency Department and Emergency Medicine. For a 6-week period – one evening per week, students will observe attendings and house staff in all phases of emergency care. Students will also meet once a week to attend a one hour lecture as well as a a 2-hour suture lab during the final week. This provides students with an appreciation of the full gamut of emergency medical care.